Thursday, July 19, 2007

About Hooks for Humanity

Hooks for Humanity is a place to find hooks — usually choruses — to songs that have a smart, world-loving, life-affirming, or thought-provoking message that supports and promotes the kind of planet we want to live on--just, compassionate, creative, conscious, loving, and workable (we're tired of the word sustainable, good as it is).

We print only the hook part of the lyric of songs we think fit these criteria and are also musically intelligent and artistically sound. If you like the message, follow the link to the whole lyric (if it has been made legally available to us), and if you like that, follow the next link so you can listen to, purchase, or learn more about the song and its origins.

Do not send us your unsolicited Mp3s. REPEAT. Do not send us your unsolicited Mp3s. We will not listen to them unless we've seen the lyrics first and requested your audio file.

Write on, lyricists. Sing on, singers. Power to the music, and music to the power.